Just The Goods Vegan Toothpaste


Safe, effective and fluoride-free, this low-abrasion toothpaste is the best we have ever tried.

Suspended in vegetable glycerine, Just the Goods’ toothpaste blends just the right balance of calcium carbonate and kaolin clay (high in calcium, zinc, and magnesium) help remove food build up and deliver a gentle polish, coconut oil to improve the absorption of calcium thus minimizing the chance of cavities while whitening teeth, and neem to prevent and heal gum disease, prevent cavities, and fight bacteria.

Where’s the baking soda, you ask? We find baking soda too abrasive to use regularly and, as it turns out, many dentists and naturopaths agree it should be used sparingly and infrequently.

This preservative-free product lasts longer when exposure to the elements (i.e. air, humidity, sunlight) is kept to a minimum. Please store in a cool, dark place and keep tightly sealed between uses.

Ingredients: vegetable glycerine, calcium carbonate, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, kaolin clay, azadirachta indica (neem) oil, essential oils.

175g with pump

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