Flat Top Foundation Brush


Pure Anada cosmetic brushes are eco-friendly and ideal for the perfect application of mineral makeup.
Made of a synthetic micro-fiber, they are both vegan and cruelty-free. You will be surprised at how soft they feel.
The handles are made of sustainable bamboo wood, making them an eco-friendly choice. You will love these brushes!

This brush is an absolute necessity for the perfect application of Pure Anada loose mineral foundation.

How to Clean your Brushes
Pure Anada brushes can be shampooed. If cared for, our brushes will last a lifetime. We suggest shampooing your brushes with a gentle hair shampoo. Or, for a thorough, deep cleansing, you can even use an environmentally friendly dish detergent. This cuts through any oils and makeup residue on the bristles.
Wet the brush bristles with warm water. Dispense some shampoo or dish detergent in the palm of your hand. Swirl the brush in the soap. Rise. Repeat until the brush is clean. Always lay your brushes flat to dry.

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